Sunday, September 22, 2013

NYC Art Book Fair: 6 Decades Books

Just Another Asshole was a short-lived no wave art/music/sound art magazine from the early eighties, edited by Barbara Ess and Glenn Branca. Only 6 issues were produced, with the fifth being the best known. The only vinyl record of the series, #5 is a compilation anthology LP that was released in 1981 (with a CD reissue following 14 years later). It featured 83 artists each contributing a track less than a minute long. 

This copy, from 6 Decades Books was either signed at the launch for the project, or a true labour of love. It includes signatures by Jenny Holzer, Thurston Moore, Carla Liss, Lee Ranaldo, Dan Graham, John Howell, Peggy Katz, Amy Taubin, Sandra Seymour, Gail Vachon, Bob George, Laurie Spiegel, Barbara Ess, Rhys Chatham, Isa Genzken, Kim Gordon, Brian Doherty, Z'EV and many others.  

(for a full track listing, see earlier post, here)

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