Friday, September 27, 2013

David Byrne's How Music Works out in softcover

Yesterday David Bryne sent a message to his email list announcing that How Music Works, released a year ago this month as a (soft) hardcover (& Ebook), is now available in paperback.

He writes: "The book took me a number of years to write and revise, and revise again—but it’s essentially a book with one idea: that context shapes music. Music isn’t an autonomous thing; what we hear is shaped by many extra-musical factors. Some chapters are autobiographical and anecdotal—as I can use my recording and performing experience to talk about how those mediums have affected my own musical output. Other chapters delve into (amongst other things) the economics of the music business, the acoustics of venues, music education and the idea of support for the arts… and whether or not musical structures are hard-wired in us.

The hardback that McSweeney’s did is a beautiful object (and is still available), but this version might be easier to carry around—and it’s cheaper. Plus it has new words and pictures."

The book is available for less than fourteen dollars at amazon, here.

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  1. Byrne writes as well as he performs live. This book has the right mixture of humor, science, culture, and candor to please most music fans, regardless of whether or not you care for Talking Heads and/or Byrne's music.
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