Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frosst Books

Frosst Books is located in an old Bottle Depot on historic 9th Ave in Inglewood, Calgary. The once derelict building also houses the Pith Gallery and Studios and is across the street from the new Esker Foundation. John Frosst, a member of The Arbour Lake Sghool collective, was a co-founder of Pith and opened Frosst Books shortly afterwards. The store carries artists' books, books on Art, Design and Architecture; zines, prints and more.

The store keeps sporadic hours (Frosst is currently in the Netherlands with the Arbour Lake Sghool, on residency) but we dropped by the other day when it was supposed to be closed, and happily discovered it open.

Visit their website here (which may have expired) or their Facebook page, here.

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