Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Anthology of Concrete Poetry, Translated into Braille

Rachel Simkover
An Anthology of Concrete Poetry, Edited by Emmett Williams Translated into Braille
Ithaca, USA, Self-published, 2011
23 pp., 27 x 24 cm., softcover
Edition of 5

An Anthology of Concrete Poetry, published by The Something Else Press in 1967, was one of the earliest  international collections of concrete poetry, and remains one of the most important. Here Rachel Simkover translates the works for the blind.

This short run edition is a prototype of sorts for a larger edition that Motto Books in Berlin is releasing later this month.

Visit the artist's website here.

Below: Sharon Harris' braille translation of bpNichol's Blues, published as part of the openpalmseries by derek beaulieu's housepress (2002). "Blues" also appeared as a piece Brailled by the Canadian National Institute For The Blind.

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