Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Roula Partheniou | Parts and Wholes

Roula Partheniou's Parts and Wholes opened at MKG127 on Saturday, and continues until April 20th. There are a few editioned pieces in the show, which I'll post later, as well as unique sculptural works that refer to books and records. The show continues her interest in the replica, here reduced to the Gestalt of objects, with a further blurring of painting and sculpture.

Click here to read Terence Dick's review at Akimbo. Calling the show "dope" he notes:

"To make matters more intriguing, the objects are gathered in clusters or "constellations", and now must be assessed not simply in relation to the ideas and objects they aren't, but also to the things they share wall space with. They become puzzles that, like the best brainteasers, generate complex conundrums from the simplest of elements."

Or visit www.roulapartheniou.com.

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