Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gary Kachadourian | Life-Sized Poster: Parking Space

Gary Kachadourian
Life-Sized Poster: Parking Space
Baltimore, USA: Self-published, n.d.
8"x12"x4" (boxed), 11 x 20' (unfolded)
Unlimited edition

Last week we were in Ottawa and visited the National Gallery, where librarian Peter Trepanier took us on a tour of the basement archives and brought out some recent acquisitions. He had several works by Kachadourian, from the Life Sized Print Series, in which the artist's pencil drawings on 8.5 x 11" paper are scaled up to actual size and printed on a commercial Océ 300 printer. The printer, typically used to print architectural building plans, outputs files up to 36” x 200”.

The posters are folded and come in banded 7" x 10" packages. The Parking Space poster is assembled from 8 separate 3'x10' prints that are butt seamed with transparent tape and housed in a hand-cut corrugated cardboard box.

Some titles are available at Atomic Books or Printed Matter, but visit the artist's site for a full listing, here. Prices range from $6.00 to $250.00. Parking Space is $140, Chicken Bone on Sidewalk is $6, Bank Machine is $40, Two-Person Tent is $26, etc. etc.

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