Friday, December 21, 2012

Rose May Woods, 18½

Tomorrow is the final day of my exhibition Hourglass Sand in the Vaseline. At the closing party/holiday celebration (egg nog and homemade shortbread, I gather) Gwen MacGregor and I will informally talk about each other's works.

Most of the works in the show are editioned, but there are only a few that could be called an artist book or multiple. 18½ is a bookwork that consists entirely of descriptions of the erased 18 and a half minutes of audio from the subpoenaed Nixon tapes, by reporters, audio and forensic experts. Every published account I could track down where someone attempted to define the sound. The accompanying illustrations are soundwaves of the erasure.

A related work, titled Rose Mary Woods, is a picture disk record that features an image of Nixon’s secretary posing for the press corps, illustrating the improbable choreography that led to the erasure, which is presented in its entirety, on the disk.

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