Sunday, December 30, 2012

Aspen Magazine - The Psychedelic Issue (#9)

Angus and Hetty MacLise (editors)
Aspen Magazine - The Psychedelic Issue (#9) 
New York City, USA: Roaring Fork Press, 1971
9-3/8 x 12-5/8”
Printed folder holding thirteen numbered items.
Edition size unknown.

Composer and percussionist Angus MacLise is best known as the original drummer for the Velvet Underground. He was friends and roommates with John Cale (performing alongside him in La Monte Young's Theater of Eternal Music), who invited him to join the group in 1965. In November of that year the band were offered their first paying gig, at which point MacLise quit, claiming that the group had sold out. He was replaced by Maureen Ticker.

MacLise and his wife Hetty were invited to edit what was to become the penultimate issue of Aspen, in 1971. The issue included contributions from many of his previous collaborators, including Terry Riley, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela (who he played with in TTOEM), Gerard Malanga (who he briefly performed with in the VU) and John Cale (both).

The folder was designed by Hetty MacLise. 

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