Thursday, January 31, 2019

Dave Dyment | Thirteen Serious Considerations

Dave Dyment
Thirteen Serious Considerations
Toronto, Canada: Self-published, 2019
13 pp.,11 x 16 cm., loose leaves
Edition of 25

Thirteen Serious Considerations borrows it’s name and format from a little known mail-art project by Dick Higgins, published in 1978.

The hand-stamped cards are excerpts from a video called Pop Quiz, which collects every question from the lyrics in my personal music library. A recent iteration contains over two thousand questions and is over four hours long. A previous sampling was published as a bookwork by Paul+Wendy Projects in 2010.

Produced as part of the Undecimals mail art project, which also included Jimmy Limit, Maggie Groat, Liz Knox, Lyndl Hall, Kara Uzelman, and many others.

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