Monday, October 29, 2018

Jon Sasaki at North American Souvenirs

My favourite booth at the Edition Toronto Art Book Fair this weekend was North American Souvenirs, from Miami/Detroit. Despite producing multiples, North American Souvenirs offered nothing for sale at their booth, but instead provided a phone-charging service for fair vendors and visitors. The device, by Jon Sasaki, above, is made from a car battery, padlocks, binder clips, necklaces, pairs of scissors and other random household items. A video projector presented other examples from his Improvised Travel Adaptors series.

The booth also offered free postcards, fortune cookies and a variety of halloween candy over the weekend.

Operated by Pete Rozek and Hernan Bas, North American Souvenirs host artist residencies and stage "visual arts productions in some of our favorite communities to connect you to neighborhood places and cultural heritage. We offer limited edition souvenirs as keepsakes of our experiences, but hope the places we have toured together will create memories you won’t soon forget." Their programming is based on "long-range government plans, philanthropic institutions’ policy initiatives, and community development objectives."

Visit their website for more information here. And see more of the Improvised Travel Adaptors at Sasaki's site, here.

"We do the boring work so you don’t have to, and try to limit your experiences to what we hope you’ll enjoy as fun, recreational opportunities."
- North American Souvenirs

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