Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Jim Lambie | Dubtronic

Jim Lambie
New York City, USA: The New Museum, 2005
40.6 × 19.6 × 21.6 cm.
Edition of 30 [+6 APs] signed and numbered copies

"To create Dubtronic, Scottish artist Jim Lambie cast two functional lamps in concrete. The sculpture lights up when a thick, neon-colored power cord is plugged into an outlet. With Dubtronic, Lambie has given new life to ordinary desktop lamps by imbuing them with glamour. As a result, he extends these domestic objects into the realm of metaphor.

Lambie, a musician and DJ, frequently includes references to pop culture and rock ’n’ roll in his work. He is particularly interested in the reggae genre of dub, which involves DJs reinterpreting songs in battles with other DJs. The dub tradition informs Lambie’s appropriation and reworking extant objects. Just as a disk jockey puts his or her own twist on music, Lambie invites collectors to personalize Dubtronic by adorning it with colored lightbulbs of their choosing."
- New Museum press release

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