Friday, November 17, 2017

John Hiltunen

John Hiltunen
John Hiltunen
New York City, USA: Books For All Press, 2016
96 pp., 8.875 x 8.25", softcover
Edition of 500

Carolyn Schoerner founded Books For All Press (BFA), a not-for-profit organization working with artists with developmental disabilities, after working at Printed Matter and White Columns. Matthew Higgs, her colleague at the latter, introduced her to Creative Growth in Oakland, California, which he has called "without reservation the most important cultural organization I have ever encountered.”

The Creative Growth Art Center is the oldest and largest art center in the world for people with developmental disabilities. Sturgis, Kentucky artist John Hiltunen has been attending Creative Growth for almost fifteen years. He initially made textiles, ceramics, and woodwork, but after participating in Paul Butler’s Collage Party in 2007, collage became a "consistent artistic pursuit."

This is his first artist book, and it continues his interest in combining animals from natural history magazines with outfits from fashion mags.

John Hiltunen can be purchased from the publisher for $30.00 US here, or from Creative Growth, here. The latter also stocks a wallet by Hiltunen and a deck of playing cards.

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