Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cut Up or Shut Up

[Jan Herman, editor]
Cut Up or Shut Up
Paris, France: Editions Agentzia, 1972
80 pp., 12 x 30 cm., soft cover
Edition size unknown

Edited by Jan Herman (editor of the Nova Broadcast Press and the later years of the Something Else Press) this collection features essays on culture, media, and the future of creativity by Herman, Jurgen Ploog, and Carl Weissner with commentary by William S. Burroughs in the form of a ‘Tickertape’ which runs at the top of each page throughout the book. A dust jacket (not available on all issues?) by Wolf Vostell features a Décollage from the Tour de Vanves series from 1956.

A copy signed and dated by Jan Herman is available for $80.00, here, or signed by William Burroughs, here, for 175 GBP.

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