Monday, November 13, 2017

Five on Fiche

[Richard Truhlar, ed]
Five on Fiche
Toronto, Canada: Underwhich Editions, 1980
6 x 4 1/8"
Edition of 250

"the contributors are Michael Dean, Brian Dedora, John Riddell, Steven Smith & Truhlar. anyone with an old 'fiche reader stashed in their walk-in closet? excited by the low cost of production of a single microprint acetate rather than an 84pp book, Truhlar plotted a series of such anthologies (it was to've been followed by Langscapes, an anthology of concrete/visual poetry coëdited with Riddell) but the idea petered out in the face of sparse orders: if people were going to have to go to a library to read it, let the library order it (few did)."

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