Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Clock Faces designed by George Maciunas

Clock faces designed and printed by George Maciunas, both as his own work and as the realization of pieces by Robert Watts and Per Kirkeby*.

The clocks include: "Bulls eye face clock", "Hour Fluxclock", "Distance in MM of perimeter face clock", "Alphabet face clock" and "Backward clock" by Maciunas, and "Hour Fluxclock" by Watts, and "Compass face clock" and "Degree face clock" by Kirkeby.

The final image is the realization of these designs by expert watchmakers for collector Luigi Bonotto, using the original labels.

* Jon Hendricks recounts a story of showing Watts one of the Kirkeby clocks and him maintaining that the idea came from him. This was followed by a shrug and the comment that Maciunas worked that way - there would be ideas in the air and he would assign the eventual piece to one artist or another.

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