Saturday, May 9, 2015

Martha Rosler | A Trilogy on Service Colonization

Martha Rosler
A Trilogy on Service Colonization  
New York City, USA: Printed Matter, 2008
[128 pp.], 20.5 x 13 cm., softcover
Edition of 1050

Reprinted 30 years after the 1978 original, this publication consists of three short postcard novels that address the social uses of food: "A Budding Gourmet", "McTowers Maid" and "Tijuana Maid".

"This is a book of three novels and one translation. In their original form the novels were sent through the mail as postcard series, one card about every five to seven days.

Mail both is and isn't a personal communication. But whether welcome or unwelcome, it thrusts itself upon you, so to speak, and must be dealt with in the context of your own life. Its immediacy may allow its message to penetrate the usual bounds of your attention. A serial communication can hook you, engaging your long-term interest (intermittently, at least). There was a lot of time – and mental space – around each installment of these novels, time in which the communication could unfold and reverberate. So, they are long novels, and slow ones..."

- Martha Rosler, August, 1976

Available for £7.00, from Tenderbooks, here.

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