Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Andrea Pinheiro | Bomb Book

Andrea Pinheiro
Bomb Book 
Vancouver, Canada: Presentation House Gallery/Publication Studio, 2013
2450 pp., 8.25 x 6.25 x 12", slipcase
Edition of 10 [+ 2 APs]

Bomb Book - the result of a decade worth of historical research into nuclear bomb sites - is a 12-volume book set, each paper bound and housed in a linen slipcase. The 2,450-page publication documents every nuclear bomb detonation in the world since 1945.

Each volume documents the name of one bomb on each page. The weapons are often named after  animals, insects, geographical sites and Indigenous cultures. If a bomb was not named, the page is left blank.

Available from the publisher, here, for $1000 CDN.

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