Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Liz Knox | Missed Connections

Liz Knox
Missed Connections
Vancouver, Canada: Self-published, 2012
80 pp., 19 x 19 x 0.5 cm., softcover
Edition size unknown

Somewhat ironically (given the book's title), I came home several weeks ago to find this book tucked into my mailbox. I've been meaning to post it here for ages, but the blog was on auto-pilot for a while, and then it got lost in the postings as a 'draft'.

Missed Connections collects Craigslists ads from the time of, and pertaining to, the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The posts, from the 'missed connections' section of the personal ads, were collected from across North America.

Available for $30 at Art Metropole, here.

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