Friday, April 26, 2013

ACBA: David Shrigley design for Stephen Malkmus' Can cover

Last Saturday (Record Store Day) saw the release of Stephen Malkmus' cover of Can's Ege Bamyasi LP, gorgeously packaged with a David Shrigley design. The cover was hand printed on thick card stock in Germany by Slowboy, and Shrigley's contribution is more than a cover image. He has hand written every credit on the LP, and designed the disks labels, as well as the original poster for the gig (not included in the package). The disk is available in a limited edition of 3500, on green vinyl, from Matador.

The original record was released 41 years ago and the Malkmus remake was recorded live in December 2012, during Week-End Fest in Cologne, Germany, with local band Von Spar backing him.

SPIN's Marc Hogan noted at the time: "It's a thrill to see such an oft-geeked-out-about indie rocker playing some of the strange music he has geeked out to for so long, and the influence of the German prog-rockers' free-flowing, dissociative approach on Pavement's records is clear — though part of what's fun here is hearing Malkmus get funky."

Thurston Moore (the subject of much debate this week after the Kim Gordon Elle Magazine article), on the original:

"I found Ege Bamyası in the 49-cent bin at Woolworth's. I didn’t see anything written about Can, I didn’t know anything about them except this okra can on the cover, which seemed completely bizarre. I finally picked that record up, and I completely wore it out. It was so alluring. Something about it made Can seem to be playing outside of rock 'n' roll. It was unlike anything else I was hearing at the time."

Watch a clip of the live performance of One More Night here, and Pinch and Soup, here.

Yesterday David Shrigley was announced as one of four finalists for the £40,000 Turner Prize.

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