Saturday, May 18, 2024

Liz Knox | A Void

Liz Knox
A Void
Sackville, Canada: Nothing Else Press, 2024
[28] pp., 21.5 x 14 cm., staple-bound with die-cut cover
Edition of 100

In  her extensive bookwork practice, Liz Knox mines online comments to produce portraits of changing cultural, political and sexual mores. Synopsis  (2013) featured brief, often poetic, descriptions of over fifty films,  sourced entirely from the parental advisory section of the Internet  Movie Database. Commentariat (2017) assembled responses to the  sex advice column Savage Love, portraying the shifting sexual politics  of the era of the Obama administration. The Anarchist Review (2023) collected comments from the Amazon page for the notorious Anarchist Cookbook,  ranging from those condemning the retailer for stocking a dangerous  title, to those disappointed the bomb-making instructions were not more  thorough. 

A Void continues this approach, reprinting Instagram posts regarding Urs Fischer’s controversial 2007 exhibition You,  a quarter-million dollar hole in the ground of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise  gallery. The spirited  debate poses questions that poke at the nature of art, nomenclature,  meaning, and what constitutes value.  

We soft-launched this title at the Halifax Art Book Fair last month but I failed to post it here. It’s a great project - big questions surrounding debated in hasty online outbursts. 

It’s available for $10 CDN, here

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