Friday, May 24, 2024

James Hoff | Shadows Lifted from Invisible Hands

James Hoff is a Brooklyn based artist and musician, and the co-founder and director of Primary Information. Today he announced a new project on Instagram: 

"Out today! My new record “Shadows Lifted from Invisible Hands,” published by @shelter_press is now available on LP and on all streaming platforms. Many who know me, know I’ve been working on this record for the last several years (and that I began the foundations of it many many years ago at @issueprojectroom).

While many think of my music as overly conceptual, this record was very personal and autobiographical. It was created from snippets of a few pop songs (by Blondie, Madonna, Lou Reed, David Bowie) that got disturbingly stuck in my head in the last few years as well as the tinnitus frequencies I’ve experienced for many decades—both of which have been exacerbated by long-term mental health issues, which were particularly acute in the last few years. While the tracks underscore and illuminate the relationship between the larger social, political, and economic conditions we live in and the sounds we experience between our ears, this album is largely a self portrait that aims to work inside the sonic conditions of our times to create something new that is personal, emotional, and yes, critical. I hope you all enjoy!

Pick it up via bandcamp (link in bio). If in Brooklyn grab it at @recordgrouch and if in Manhattan grab it at @ergotrecords If in Europe, order a copy from @shelter_press or via @boomkatonline Shops should be carrying it everywhere in a 1-2 weeks.

Special thanks to Bartolomé and Felicia at Shelter, @joshbonati for the expert mastering, @marisollimonmartinez for her piano work on “Half-After Life”, and the Jack Whitten Estate (@hauserwirth) for allowing me to use one of my favorite paintings for the cover.

Special thanks to the friends who gave me ears and critical support through the process: @glennligon, @ryandais , @matthew_w_walker__ , @dennysellson , @mashinkahakopian, and Børre Sæthre.

Lastly, thanks to the venues and curators that have given me the space and stage to play this music live over the last few years: @kamran_sadeghi_official, @pioneerworks, @29speedway, @____page_not_found____ , and @publicsfi

More shows coming in the fall. European bookers, get in touch!”

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