Thursday, December 28, 2023

Micah Lexier | A Minute of My Time

Micah Lexier
A Minute of My Time
Toronto, Canada: Paul+Wendy Projects, 2023
4 x 4"
Edition of 24 signed copies. 

The 74th edition by Paul+Wendy Projects is their second rubber stamp by Micah Lexier, and their 8th project with Lexier overall. Launched last week at the Multiples Pop-Up Shop held at MKG127 in Toronto, the boxed work consists of a wooden handled rubber stamp housed in a plexiglass box signed by the artist. 

There are two variations, each produced in an edition of twelve:

December 11, 1995, 01:51 - 01.52
September 22, 2007, 01:28 - 01.29

The graphics are from Lexier’s A Minute of My Time project. See other examples here and here

The work is available for $100 CDN, from the publisher, here

"A major body of work started in 1995 is made up of the pieces titled A Minute of My Time. Each "minute" is tagged with a date and time of execution and each is based on a scribble or doodle that took the artist one minute to complete. These little drawings convey a certain sense of anonymity while remaining as personal as a fingerprint. Once made and the title noted, the drawings may be rendered as stainless steel cut-outs, printed as editions, boxed, made into reverse stencils that are spray-painted on walls and so on - renditions and contextualizations that give continuance to each of the minutes represented.”
- The Canadian Encyclopedia 

“... two new rubber stamp multiples published by Paul + Wendy Projects that were made during my trip to Korea last month. Produced in an edition of 12, each rubber stamp comes packaged in a Fluxus-inspired clear plexiglass box, with a printed and signed label. 

Although we did not plan this when choosing the particular minutes, it turns out that one of the minutes came from the very first drawing session, December 11, 1995 (exactly 28 years ago today) and the other minute came from the very last drawing session, September 22, 2007.”
- Micah Lexier

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