Thursday, July 27, 2023

Sinéad O'Connor And Karen Finley | Jump In The River

Sinéad O'Connor with Karen Finley
Jump In The River
London, UK: Ensign Records, 1988
12", 45 RPM, vinyl record
Edition size unknown

Sinead O'Connor and performance artist Karen Finley both released their debut albums in 1987; The Lion and the Cobra and The Truth Is Hard to Swallow, respectively. 

The pair met the following year when they were both performing as part of a concert hosted by the human rights activist group Refuse & Resist (see their Keith Haring designed logo below). The event took place the New York Palladium, and featured performances by Afrika Bambaataa, De La Soul, Lenny Kaye, D.O.A., MC Lyte, and others. 

O'Connor had recently contributed a new song to Jonathan Demme's film Married to the Mob, and was preparing a single release. She invited Finley to participate in the 12" remix of Jump in the River, to be issued that October. 

True to form, Finley's vocal contribution ensured no radio station would ever play it: 

Mother, do you have a prick?
Yes, I do, just like cows do
Mother, do you have a prick?
Yes, I do, just like cows do
After my mother washed me, powdered me, I insisted that she masturbate me
You wonder why I got panic attacks
You dreamed you ate me through my silken panties
But baby, you got it wrong
I don’t smile when I come
Jump-start me
Jump-start me
Jump, jump, jump, jump
Ain't got a leg, but i got a stump
Ain't got a dick, baby, but i got a pump
Ain't got a titty, but i got a lump
Never knew how to walk, so i gotta jump
Jump-start me
Jump-start me
Jump in my arch
Jump on the starch
He loved to wear silk knotted scarves around his neck, baby
Finger them, finger the scarves
He twists the scarf around my neck, baby
I wish he was twisting it around my clit
I mean, my dick, i mean, my cock, baby
Twist it, twist it good, twist that silky scarf
Well, you sell those ties on madison avenue
Work me, work me good
And you perform that magic trick good
By taking that silk tie, oiled, knotted
Pull it out of my ass
Oh, let me come, let me come

(I used to play it at closing time, when I wanted to empty the record store where I worked of customers). 

Village Voice critic Robert Christgau described Finley's part as "the voice of mad lust on a dance remix of the ravishingly sexual Jump in the River." The single failed to chart and the song (without Finley) was included on O'Connor's breakthrough smash sophomore album I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got

It was announced yesterday by her family that Sinéad O'Connor had died at the age of 56. No date or cause of death were given. 

For another performance artist related track by O'Connor, click here for her cover of Yoko Ono's Death of Samantha. 

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