Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Art Gallery of Ontario

Last night at dinner a close friend told me that while meeting with the Art Gallery of Ontario about some of his work in their archives, he learned that they were also archiving this entire blog for their collection. I don't know exactly what that entails but it's nice to know that if Blogger goes belly-up these 4000+ posts will have an extended life, offline. 

The above images of the AGO come from a collection of clips for my Dead Ringer film, which debuted at Casa Loma on Tuesday. The scenes from Mouthpiece, Chloe and An Eye for Beauty made it into the final work, and the above images from Starcrossed, The Fly, The Vow, Beauty and the Beast and Lost Girl, did not. The Lost Girl episode perpetuates the problem of having the prop department make some fast and cheap knockoffs of artworks and then allow audiences to scoff at them, and dismiss contemporary art as lazy and corrupt. 

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