Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Geordie Miller and Marilyn Lerch | Disharmonies

Geordie Miller and Marilyn Lerch
Sackville, Canada: The Hardscrabble Press, 2022
46 pp., 27 x 15 cm., Japanese stab-stitch binding
Edition of 100 numbered copies

Written in the throes of the pandemic, Disharmonies is a dialogue between poets Geordie Miller and Marilyn Lerch.

“I think we knew that COVID was an X-ray of our society,” Lerch said at the July launch event, “that it was going to show us the flaws, the inequality…all of that."

Miller noted that “There are people who say that capitalism’s working great and it’s good for everyone. That’s obviously a right-wing, reactionary position. There are people who say, ‘Capitalism is not working great, we need to fix it,' And, that’s kind of a liberal position, to reform, to fix capitalism, to make it work better because of its effects. And, there are people who say ‘Capitalism is working exactly as it’s designed to do…and it’s horrific and it’s monstrous and it’s horrible.'”

Publisher Keagan Hawthorne, described the book to the New Wark Times as "a conversation against capitalism...Angry, honest, comradely, despairing, their lines belong to and look beyond a world organized to generate profit rather than satisfy human needs."

Disharmonies is available from the publisher, here, for $24 CDN. 

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