Monday, March 2, 2020

Ulay | Marina Abramovic: Relation Work and Detour

Marina Abramovic | Ulay
Ulay | Marina Abramovic: Relation Work and Detour
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Self-published, 1980
236 pp.,  23 x 25 cm., hardcover
Edition of 2500 copies

An artists’ book documenting several collaborative performance pieces, including Meeting Decision, Relation Work, Interruption in Space, Breathing in, Breathing out, Expansion in Space, Relation in Time, Light/Dark, Balance Proof, Installation ‘One’, and The Brink.

Ulay died today at the age of 76.

His gallerist, Richard Saltoun, confirmed the news with the statement: “Ulay was the freest of spirits – a pioneer and provocateur with a radically and historically unique oeuvre, operating at the intersection of photography and the conceptually oriented approaches of performance and body art. His passing leaves a momentous gap in the world – one that will not be so easily replaced.”

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