Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Imin Yeh | I'm In Ya

Imin Yeh
I'm In Ya
Pittsburgh, USA: Self-published, 2019
[144] pp.,  7.62 x 12 cm., softcover
Edition of 200

Available from Printed Matter, here, for $20.00 US.

"In March of 2016, somebody made fun of my name, as it appeared on my Facebook profile. For 10 days, I received 70 + direct messages from strangers (all in the UK) making jokes about my name, referring to it as ‘I’m In Ya’ (as in I’m In You). It took me a while to understand the joke. In my life, I had never thought of my name, Imin Yeh, in that way.

‘I’m in Ya’ is about a strange event surrounding a strange name. It is also a story about parents who thought carefully and seriously about how to merge two languages and two cultures into naming their daughter. The text of ‘I’m in Ya’ is each message I received, as it appeared in my inbox. The images are reproductions, drawn in colored pencil, of the sender’s profile picture. "
- Imin Yeh

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