Tuesday, November 20, 2018

This box contains the items you ordered

[Various Artists]
This box contains the items you ordered 
Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Publishing House Bébert, 1987
35 x 28 x 14.5 cm.
Edition of 160

This box contains the items you ordered is the second various artists boxed work from the Contemporary Archaeology Pandora. The first featured a cover design/text/title by Lawrence Weiner, with Jenny Holzer providing the third. Here, Ben Vautier's straight-to-the-point handwritten text provides the title.

Inside, another Vautier work, as well as contributions from Sophie Boursat, René Daniels, Klaas Gubbels, Sol Lewitt, Maarten Ploeg, Steef Roothaan, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Günter Tuzina, and Robin Winters.

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