Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Lauren Fournier on Roula Partheniou

Lauren Fournier's review of Roula Partheniou's Bank of Montreal commission Cup and Ball - an installation of over a thousand works, almost all made from acrylic paint on wood - was just published by Canadian Art magazine:

"Partheniou has long worked in the expanded field of sculpture to create decoys. Best known for her mimetic work, Partheniou skillfully creates signifiers that disguise themselves as the signified: the cast-resin and foam balloon against the ceiling of the gallery that looks just like a real helium balloon (Untethered (Balloon), 2017), for example, or the wood-and-acrylic box of Lucky Elephant popcorn that appears to be a real box of popcorn (Cup and Ball, 2018). Indeed, if it weren’t for the artist’s deliberate play with different degrees of verisimilitude—sometimes an object looks identical to the thing it’s copying, while other times something is slightly changed (a label removed, or another detail missing)—those who happen upon her work might not realize it’s an art object at all. So often it’s the moment in which the trick is revealed that elicits such an awesome response in viewers."

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For more information, visit the work's dedicated website, here:

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