Saturday, July 28, 2018

Roy Lichtenstein | Wrapping Paper

Roy Lichtenstein
Wrapping Paper
New York City, USA: On 1st, 1968
76.7 × 78.7 cm.
Edition size unknown

Screenprint on glossy paper.

On 1st was a short-lived pop shop and fashion boutique founded by Bert Stern, who was best known for photographing Marilyn Monroe. The gallery shop published and sold "practical objects" by artists, at affordable prices. In addition to Lichenstein's now-popular paper plates, On 1st also produced this Wrapping Paper and, also Wallpaper from the same year. Other artists who produced "practical objects "for On 1st include Gerald Laing, Billy Apple, James Lee Byars, Sven Lukin and Bert Stern himself.

An article from New York Magazine, November 18 1968, about the activities of On 1st:

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