Thursday, July 5, 2018

Micah Lexier | Drilled Deck

Micah Lexier
Drilled Deck
Toronto, Canada: Self-published, 2018
9 x 6.5 x 1.8 cm.
Edition of 54 initialed and dated copies

"Drilled Deck is a varied edition of playing cards in which each deck of cards has been made unique by the placement and size of a drilled hole. This project was made for the Toronto Art Book Fair which opens Thursday night and runs until Sunday night. The multiple was made in an edition of 54 decks of red cards and 54 decks of blue cards. The decks of red cards have been drilled with an 1/8” hole and the decks of blue cards have been drilled with a 5/8” hole. The placement of the hole is unique to each deck of cards. Each deck is sold for $5 and is initialed and dated in pencil by the artist. Subsequent editions will be made using different brands of cards or different hole sizes.

Drilled Deck is one of two projects that I made for the art book fair that are based on the price of $5 per hole. The second project is a collaborative hole-punch drawing in which the purchaser selects the location of the hole(s) they want punched and I do the punching. I charge $5 per hole and at the conclusion of the drawing we both sign the drawing in the allocated locations."

- Micah Lexier

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