Sunday, September 24, 2017

To Steve McCaffery from Robert Filliou

A postcard from Robert Filliou dated September 2nd, 1978 that reads:

“Greetings from Iceland, Steve. Thank you for your last letter. Your definitions of FUTILITY & UTILITY show a way out of the dilemma of gay vs dismal science (utility & freedom, that’s poetical economy). As for the corkscrew I've taken, I'll use it to open new bottles, to drink the new wine therein. I do hope you'll be in Europe this spring....Unfortuntately I have no suggestions as to paid performances. I suppose that's why I've been teaching here for a month. Love RF."

Also above: a collage dating from the same time that features both Filliou and McCaffery, though it's unclear who produced it, or if it were made in collaboration.

For more examples, visit the Steve McCaffery archive at Granary Books, here.

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