Saturday, April 15, 2017

Iain Baxter Exhibition Poster

Iain Baxter
[redacted exhibition poster]
Toronto, Canada: Lake Galleries/Gallery Moos, 1994
19”W x 25”H
Edition size unknown

The above poster was created for an exhibition between neighbouring galleries owned by Don Lake and Walter Moos in the mid-nineties. I worked for Lake Galleries shortly after this exhibition took place, and if I recall the story correctly, upon seeing the poster design - featuring the artist as a kind of travelling sex toy salesman - Moos refused to participate and demanded his name removed.

This dildo poster then becomes an unusual provenance copy, as it is signed to David Moos, Walter's son and eventual AGO curator of contemporary art, and co-curator of Baxter&'s major retrospective IAIN BAXTER&: Works 1958–2011. 

It's available from an Ebay seller in North York, here, for a hundred dollars.

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