Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fred Sandback | Ten Isometric Drawings for Ten Vertical Constructions

Fred Sandback
Ten Isometric Drawings for Ten Vertical Constructions
New York City, USA: Lapp Princess, 1977.
[24] pp., 15.3 x 15.3 cm, staple-bound
Edition of 2000

A six-inch squared booklet featuring ten diagrams and no text, the title is the first in a series of uniform-sized publications produced by the Lapp Princess Press. The Press was founded by writer and art critic Amy Baker, who later would marry Sandback, and become the executive publisher of Artforum. Lapp Princess’s goal was to create artists’ books that could be purchased by the widest possible audience, insisting on large edition sizes and affordable prices. Under Baker’s directorship twelve titles were issued and the press continued on without her, producing other booklets in the six-inch squared format, as well as other dimensions.

Sandback's title was followed by Victor Burgin’s Family, Lines and Non-Lines by Edda Renouf, Drawings June and July 1977 by Jackie Ferrara,  Unwritten by David Shapiro/Lucio Pozzi, Project Entitled 'The Beginnings of a Complex...' by Alice Aycock, Studies by Ralph Humphrey, Inches and Field by Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Parete by Marco Gastini, Drawings While Waiting for an Idea by James Rosenquist, Six Arcs by Robert Mangold, and Keith/Six Drawings/1979 by Chuck Close.

A 2003 reprint is available for $12.00 from Diabooks, here. The original can be found at Amazon, here, for $85.00.

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