Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Victor Burgin | Family

Victor Burgin
New York City, USA: Lapp Princess Press, 1977
14 pp., 15,2 cm x 8 cm., softcover
Edition of 2000

Co-published by Printed Matter, the second Lapp Princess Press booklet borrows the format of a child’s primer to comment on contemporary family life.

"Burgin makes photographic work like no other artist, but his themes and motifs are drawn from experiences common to us all – the modern city, the structures of family, language as something that forms and reforms us, the power of images, principles of government, memory and history.  And yet, encouraged by the media to look to art for quick messages, some audiences and critics have found his work ‘inaccessible’. Actually Burgin’s work is among the most accessible I know, if by that we mean ‘easy to get into’. It’s the getting out that’s tricky. To be truly challenged and changed is to find yourself unsure, slightly lost, forgetting where you came in but pleased you did. As Roland Barthes once put it, ‘To get out, go in deeper.'"
- David Campany, Aperture Magazine no. 210, 2012.

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