Thursday, July 14, 2016

Guest Post: Liz Knox on Micah Lexier

"This year, I’m a part of Undecimals, a mail art group where 12 artists each select a month of the year, and on your month you send an edition to the other 11 members. Each month of the year you receive a work in the mail aside from the one month when you send something to the other participants.

Micah Lexier was the artist for May 2016; I was very excited to open a package from him. Inside were stamped addressed envelopes for the 10 other artists in the group, each with the return address from Micah Lexier c/o me and my address. The envelopes arrived with a letter asking me to pop them in the mail and noting that they were each empty and had been printed at home. It was so exciting to receive this and realize that I had to immediately let it go and would soon receive replacements. It was only when I started receiving my envelopes from Micah c/o the other 10 artists that I realized for each participant he selected a unique envelope, a unique font, a unique stamp; and I could tell which had been caught in some rain or under the care of a rough postal worker. Lexier is known for works that are rigorously self-referential and this work is no exception."

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