Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lauren Fournier & Lee Henderson | Paradox

Lauren Fournier & Lee Henderson
Toronto, Canada: Self-published, 2016
9.6 x 8 x 12 cm.
Edition of 70 [+2 AP]

Paradox (we cannot afford to be productive/we can afford to not be productive) is a ceramic white classic-style mug with wrap-around black text in Marion font. They will be available (shortly) at Art Metropole, for $20.00 each.

"This work reflects a paradox that those with anti-capitalist leanings face when it comes to productivity and privilege. Tongue in cheek, the work acknowledges the limits of its own idealism while nonetheless maintaining the importance of capitalist critique."
- Lauren Fournier & Lee Henderson 

Henderson's exhibition Never Letting Us Take Breath opens this today at Zalucky Contemporary (3044 Dundas St. West, Toronto). For more information visit the gallery website, here.

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