Wednesday, April 27, 2016

AGO Library

Beginning last September, the Art Gallery of Ontario Library has been hosting monthly drop-in presentations of artists' books and multiples from their permanent collection. Tonight librarian Donald Rance presented Pop-ups, Peep-shows, Accordions, and Pretzels, to coincide with the current exhibition SuperReal: Pop Art from the AGO Collection, which features work by Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. Alongside Oldenburg's NYC Pretzel and Warhol's Index Book were works by Yoko Ono, Maurizio Nannucci, Tauba Auerbach, Ed Ruscha, Mitch Robertson, Barbara Kruger, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Lawrence Weiner, James Carl, Carol June Barton, Dan Graham, Sylvie Fleury, Bruno Munari, and many others.

The events take place on Wednesday evenings from 5 to 7pm, in the E.P. Taylor Research Library & Archives. The evenings are free and open to the public, and visitors are encouraged to handle the materials (many of which are rare and valuable). For more information, visit the AGO website, here.

The next several posts (to compensate for a two-week hiatus) will feature items from this presentation, tagged AGO Library.

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