Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Called Shotgun Infinity When I Was Twelve

Off topic but possibly of interest:

In 2006 I curated an exhibition at Mercer Union called Infinity Etc., which featured works by Kelly Mark, Germaine Koh, Daniel Olson, Micah Lexier, Martin Creed, Lee Ranaldo, Jonathan Monk and Claude Closky.

Kelly Mark's contribution was a neon work that spelled out the phrase I Called Shotgun Infinity When I Was Twelve. The work was produced for the exhibition, though had been planned beforehand.

Last week Mark discovered a near-identical, unauthorized replica of the work,  as decor for a Toronto restaurant called Old School. The phrase is identical, the colour and layout the same. The font is slightly different. Another neon work appears also to be copied, by New York artist Daniel A. Bruce. Both original works appear side by side if you search "Neon Art" on Pinterest.

Toronto Star art critic Murray Whyte reached out to the restaurant owner for comment and received this reply: “Both of these signs were made from scratch, both relating directly to our Old School story. No has has (sic) stolen anything thank you.”

Read the full article, here.

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