Saturday, August 1, 2015

David Horvitz | The Distance of a Day

David Horvitz
The Distance of a Day
Berlin, Germany: Chert Gallery/Motto Books, 2013
16 × 11 × 0.6 cm.
Edition of 1200

An accordion-fold book with colour photos on one side, and an interview with MoMA curator David Senior on the verso. Working with his mother in Los Angeles, the artist calculated the exact location where he could view the sun rising at the exact same time his mother watched it setting.

"The title, The Distance of a Day, is a reference to the idea of the journey. Originally, journey meant the distance one traveled in a day. Here, the spatial distance that separated my mother and myself was not defined by the distance one could travel in a day, but by the day itself. By the delimitations of a day - where the sun rises and where the sun sets."
- David Horvitz

Available from Art Metropole, here, for $13.00 CDN.

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