Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MEDALLION: A portfolio in honour of Jeannie Thib

Jeannie Thib died in Toronto, on Oct. 26, 2013, of cancer, aged 58. The Medallion portfolio, published by Katzman Contemporary, is inspired by an incomplete piece that Thib was working on at the time of her death. It features a collection of editioned multiples by thirteen of Thib’s close friends, - artists from Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. Produced in an edition of 50, the handmade solander box includes 8" x 8" work, each printed on archival materials ranging from rag paper to wood veneer. Techniques include: digital print, screen print, laser etch, drawing, embossment, and photography.

The contributing artists to Medallion are:
Alison Alder
Millie Chen
Allyson Clay
Noëlle Cuppens
Doug Guildford
Libby Hague
Patrick Mahon
David Merritt
Olaf Mooij
Ed Pien
Penelope Stewart
Joy Walker
Johannes Zits

"As Thib’s practice was informed by her love of pattern, ornament, and architecture, the multiple was an integral part of her aesthetic, and thus is fitting as the theme for this collection."

Proceeds from the sale of MEDALLION: a portfolio in honour of Jeannie Thib will go to the Open Studio Jeannie Thib Memorial Fund. Purchase a box here, or donate here.

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