Saturday, July 25, 2015

ACBA: Lawrence Weiner for Of Factory New York

[Various artists]
Of Factory New York
Brussels, Belgium: Factory Benelux, 2014
double 12" vinyl LP
Edition size unknown

Michael H. Shamberg has collaborated with a variety of artists and filmmakers including Robert Frank, Robert Longo, William Wegman and Chris Marker, but remains best known for his longterm work with the band New Order. He was the founder and former head of Factory Records U.S., and produced some of the group's best known videos, including "Blue Monday" and "True Faith". Shamberg was diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease in the early 2000s and died on November 1st of last year. New Order released a statement on their website that read:

"We are very sad to learn that our friend and colleague Michael H. Shamberg passed away on Saturday 1st November after a long illness...Michael was the founder of Factory US and New Order’s video producer, alongside his own work as film maker, teacher and director of Turtle Salon...His video production of "True Faith" earned "Best Music Video" at the Brit Awards 1988. We will miss him dearly and send our condolences to all his family and friends." Former bassist Peter Hook told the Manchester Evening News, "His work on our videos, so important at the time, defined our image and an era. He was a true revolutionary."

In 2011, New Order performed several benefit concerts for Shamberg and this double LP was released six month before his death, with the proceeds going towards the costs of his medical treatment. Put out by the Belgian counterpart of Factory Records, the disk features tracks by A Certain Ratio (who Shamberg made the short film Tribeca about), Cabaret Voltaire, Section 25, Quando Quango and others. It also features a live New Order song unavailable elsewhere.

The cover design is based on a New Order concert poster from 1983, designed by Lawrence Weiner, as seen below in Weiner's Posters: November 1965 - April 1986. 

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