Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Robert Watts | Stamps

Robert Watts
New York City, USA: Robert Watts Studio Archive, 1999
28 x 21.5 cm.
Edition size unknown

Commissioned by the Newark Museum for the Rutgers University exhibition OFF LIMITS and the Avant Garde, 1957-1963, this sheet of perforated postage stamps contains a selection of reprints from the artist's 1960s originals.

"Robert Watts is considered the "father" of stamp art. His earliest stamps - beginning in 1960 - were dispensed in stamp machines that he loaded with his own stamps. Several of the machines and the sheets he created are in major art collections world wide.


The stamps on this sheet are reprints from the original sheets of the earliest stamps : SAFEPOST/K.U.K - FELDPOST/JOCKPOST (W.C.Fields) (1961); YAM-FLUG 5-POST-5 (1962) and BLINK (1962-63). The Blink stamp image is a collaboration of Robert Watts, George Brecht and Alison Knowles."

- Publisher's blurb

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