Sunday, August 10, 2014

Douglas Gordon | I was born with...

Douglas Gordon
I was born with...
Newcastle upon Tyne/Berlin: Locus+/Little And Large Editions, 2013
Various sizes
Edition of 13 (+3 APs) signed and numbered copies

Silver spoons of various sizes bought in flea markets in Berlin with their bowls sharpened “to the equivalent tolerence of a surgeon’s blade”. The spoons are engraved with the title and artist’s name, and signed and numbered on the enclosed certificate, which instructs that it should "accompany it through all sales and changes of ownership.” The edition was launched last year in Venice and sold out quickly.

Little And Large Editions have also produced editions by Ceal Floyer, Jonathan Monk, Dave Allen, John Baldessari, Martin Boyce, David Shrigley and others. Locus+ have published editions by Fiona Banner, Mark Dion, Stefan Gec, and Mark Wallinger.

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