Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ulises Carrion | In Alphabetical Order

Ulises Carrion
In Alphabetical Order
Amsterdam/ Maastricht, The Netherlands: Cres/Agora Studio, 1978
[unpaginated], 21 x15 cm., softcover
Edition of 250

A bookwork documenting an intervention into the artist's own rolodex. The same wooden index card holder (not an actual rolodex) containing the artist's contacts has been annotated with notepaper, based on some simple criteria, such as "People I've Met; Artists; Non-Artists; My best Friends - People I Love; People I Admire; There Has Been A Change in Our Relationship of Late."

"This book of mine is partly real facts, and partly fantasy. The real fact is that I love lists of names. Card indexes, retrieval information systems - that sort of thing."
- Ulises Carrion

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