Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Merce Cunningham | A Pictures Book for J. C. Xmas 1984

Merce Cunningham
A Pictures Book for J. C. Xmas 1984
Red Hook, USA: John Cage Trust, 2012
37 pp., 16 x 23 cm., spiral bound, boxed

A facsimile of a sketchbook created by Merce Cunningham as a Christmas gift for his lover and collaborator, John Cage. The original was created in 1984, this reproduction was produced posthumously (Cunningham died in 2009, Cage in 1992), last June.

Published as a gift from the John Cage Fund to the Cunningham Dance Foundation, which produced it's final performance the previous December.

The title Includes color notations of dance choreography, specifically Cunningham's "Pictures", and is housed in a folding box with viewing window.

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