Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jonathan Monk | Egg

Jonathan Monk
Soft Boiled Egg(s)
Genève, Switzerland: Centre d’édition contemporaine, 2013
Super 8 film, DVD transfer, artists' book
Edition of 10, signed, numbered and dated (each unique)

Packaged in a hand-painted black cardboard box, with a signed certificate of authenticity, the Super 8 films Soft Boiled Egg(s) are based on the duration of a Super 8 film cartridge and on the time it takes to cook an egg. In a same pan, Monk adds an egg every two and a half minutes. The first film in the edition documents the single egg, for the second film another egg is added. Edition number 10/10 features all ten eggs cooking.

«I like boiled eggs and I couldn't escape from them! - for me they represented the beginning of something... in this case the egg and not the chicken» - Jonathan Monk

An accompanying exhibition called Egg, runs until April 17th at the Centre d’édition contemporaine.

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