Monday, January 14, 2013

Rutherford Chang: We Buy White Albums

Rutherford Chang has a collection of more than 650 copies of the initial pressing of the Beatles' eponymously titled double LP, also known as the White Album. When asked to participate in Recess' Session program, which invites artists to use their public space as a studio or exhibition venue, he proposed creating a record store, but one that would carry only one title, which would not be for sale. Starting last Monday (January 7th) and continuing until March 9th, Chang will have the 41 Grand Street, New York, location open for business, which will consist of him buying used copies of the LP.

Visitors will be also be invited to browse his collection and listen to the records. During this Chang will digital record each copy of the record with their unique scratches, warping and general wear and tear. He will document the patina of the 'white' albums, each distinct with its own history of scuffing, dirt, record rings, etc. A new double LP will made of the accumulated layered sounds and images will be released shortly after the exhibition closes.

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