Thursday, January 31, 2013

Douglas Kahn | Noise Water Meat

Douglas Kahn
Noise Water Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts
Cambridge, USA: The MIT Press, Cambridge, 1999
455 pp., 24 x 19 cm., hardcover
Edition size unknown


Listening Through History; Prelude: Modernism; Explanations and Qualifications
Part I: Significant Noises
1. Immersed in Noise
Sentient Sound; Interpolation of Noise; Protean Noise; Oscillator Noise
2. Noises of the Avant-Garde
Bruitism; Noise and Simultaneity; the Future of War Noises
Part II: Drawing the Line: Music, Noise, and Phonography
3. Concerning the Line
Resident Noises; the Gloss of the Gliss; Beethoven at Fifty Times Per Second; "I, the Accelerated Line"
4. The Sound of Music
Demarcated Sounds; Drawing the Line in Theory; Synesthesia as Noise Abatement
5. Ubiquitous Recording
The Rotary Revolution; Russian Revolutionary Film
Part III: The Impossible Inaudible
6. John Cage: Silence and Silencing
Much to Confess About Nothing; Canned Silence; Silencing Techniques; Cage and the Impossible Inaudible
7. Nondissipative Sounds and the Impossible Inaudible
Inaudibly Loud, Long-Lasting, Far-Reaching; Machines of Nondissipation
8. The Parameters of All Sound
Loud Sounds; Conceptual Sounds
Part IV: Water Flows and Flux
9. A Short Art History of Water Sound
Water Music; Dripping; Surrealism and Submerged Women
10. In the Wake of Dripping: New York at Midcentury
The Object of Performance; Allan Kaprow: Immersed Noisician; George Brecht's Drip Music
Part V: Meat Voices
11. Two Sounds of the Virus: William Burroughs's Pure Meat Method
A Culture for Growing Viruses; Schlupping; on Goo Behavior; the Cancer Virus; Cellular Phones
12. Cruelty and the Beast: Antonin Artaud and Michael McClure
Artaud in America; Musical Artauds: Tudor and Cage; Beats Language; Beast Language; Affected and Afflicted Screaming; Seraphic Screams and the Tortuous Blast

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