Thursday, November 30, 2023

Dave Dyment | Dead Ringer

Dave Dyment
Dead Ringer
Sackville, Canada: Self-published, 2023
107-minute film on USB drive, folded poster, printed materials
Edition of 5 signed and numbered copies [+2 AP]

The boxed edition of my 2022 film Dead Ringer, which investigates Toronto’s portrayal (or non-portrayal) in television and cinema. Comprised of hundreds and hundreds of clips filmed in Toronto, with the city standing in for New York, Boston, London, Mumbai, Tokyo and countless other international locations, the film repurposes these scenes to tell local stories and examine questions surrounding representation in cinema. 

The film uses Casa Loma (a medieval castle in mid-town, built just over a century ago) as the central lens through which to look at artifice, civic pride and folly. Casa Loma has portrayed Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in X-Men, Batman’s Wayne Manor in Titans, and Dr. Frank N. Furter's castle in The Rocky Horror Picture, as well as appearances in Scott Pilgrim, Ready or Not, Crimson Peak, Strange Brew, The Pacifier, and the Oscar winning picture Chicago (which was shot entirely in Toronto).

Dead Ringer premiered at Casa Loma last fall and had subsequent screenings at Toronto City Hall, all arranged by the good people at Ontario Culture Days. 

The work is now screening for the rest of the month via Hot Docs:

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